Container Liner Services

Oasis Shipping moves information as much as they move goods, making optimum use of sophisticated and innovative information technology tools. We provide our customers with maximum visibility of their supply chain to enable them to know the movement of their cargo.As agents to some of the leading Shipping Lines, Oasis Shipping moves beyond port operations and serves the commercial needs of the Exporters and Importers in India.

Our strong office network across the country,serving at 80+ Locations, professional manpower and knowledge of regional markets, enables near complete dominance in the trade. Its wide network of offices enables Oasis Shipping in smooth to and fro flow of cargo from hinterland areas.

We have excellent contacts with the trade, ports/terminals and the customs, vendors thereby ensuring a high level of service to the customers and principals alike at all times. As prudent agents, we ensure timely movement of cargo from nominated sites to/from the terminals, quick dispatch of vessels and turnaround of principals’ equipment, timely remittance of principal’s funds which are the key differentiators in creating, retaining and building liner trade agency