Information Technology

Oasis Shipping moves information as much as they move goods, making optimum use of sophisticated and innovative information technology tools. We provide our customers with maximum visibility of their supply chain to enable them to know the movement of their cargo.

Information technology is an integral component of Oasis Shipping. Use of superior technology has helped Oasis Shipping to

  • Provide timely updates about the movement of cargo to its customers.
  • Simplify procedures and methods of handling cargo.
  • Replace man-man interaction with man-machine interface resulting in error free information


The usage of powerful and relevant agency forwarding software -AFSYS has enabled real time feeding of data pertaining to documentation, port operations, voyage accounting etc. into the central server by various users located at pan India locations. Facilitating a centrally controlled and coordinated operation, plus enabling branches to customize specialized services enhances the pace of information flow at Oasis Shipping.